Angelneers are a community of seasoned operators and technologists with decades of experience in developing, deploying and integrating enterprise software, conducting due diligence, investing and exiting.

We are a hand-selected group of operators with 250+ years of combined experience. Today we leverage our expertise working side-by-side with entrepreneurs and helping them build better tomorrows.

Our Story


We are a team of seasoned operators who have scaled multiple businesses throughout our careers and helped create over $20 billion in market value.


In the last 20 years we’ve built technology at several unicorns, managed products in a number of iconic tech leaders, co-founded a vibrant community of tech entrepreneurs and invested in numerous successful companies.


Our diverse set of experiences has led us to an insight that venture investors can increase the likelihood of a startup success much more than many people think, particularly when they commit their skin in the game and truly align themselves with founders.


So, we designed our firm with that insight in mind to ensure that we are aligned with startups at every stage of their creation and development.

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We are always looking for both seasoned operators and ambitious founders of exciting companies interested in working side-by-side.